Ace Frehley Releases Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’ “, And It Just May Surprise You!

  Ace Frehley (Kiss) has a new record coming out on September 18th titled “Origins, Vol. 2”. You can pre-order it here. Ahead of its release Frehley give us his version of Deep Purple’s Space Trucking. First off I didn’t know what to expect as the original is perfect. That aside, I was taken by surprise how good this is. The vintage sound of the organ and Frehley’s voice sounding great at 69 years old.

The things I like is his little ad libs that most Kiss fans know, like “Hey Curly” or “Hey where’s Jendell”. Not to dismiss his “Space Ace Truckin'”, which makes this an obvious song for Frehley to cover. But I think his guitar solo with his sound and effects really fit well within the song. He made this one his own. I’m looking forward to this one. Check outage single below.

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