Bruce Springsteen Releases New Single “I’ll Stand By You”!

Bruce Springsteen has released a single from the “Blinded By The Light” Soundtrack, out now. I’ll Stand By You is a ballad like song from Springsteen. As per usual with him he has a great way to deliver a story. His lyrics usually run deep like this verse;

“Now I know it can feel like you’re slipping away
At night you’ll get lost in that deep dark place
We’ll let the night come and do what it may
Together we’ll find the courage, we’ll find faith
Until you awake”

In the wake of all the songs about bullying and trying to make sure people know you are there for them and not to attempt to throw their lives away, that verse kind of shows it. Basically, I know it it’s bad now but I will help you get through it is a good message. There are some harmonies that aren’t the usual for his style, but overall the song is what The Boss does. No video but you can stream the song below.

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