Buckcherry Releases “Right Now”, Could Be A New Fight Anthem!

Buckcherry has released another single from their current album “Warpaint”. The new song is Right Now. This ones is anthemic in that it talks about rising above. When you listen to the words you can see why, like this verse;

“I do it for the love and I do it for the money
Take a look around you and look what I started
People gonna talk but they all keep comin’
Never miss a thing ’cause that’s how I run it
My time is, my time is now
My time is right now”

I guess you can’t get any more passionate than that. Josh Todd kind of displays the range of his vocal abilities in this one. A little bit of yet mixed with a little bit of singing. I really like his vocals on this, maybe because it’s not his usual style of singing. But the real highlight is Kevin Roentgen’s guitar solo. He just smokes it. The video on the other hand takes on a MMA fighting story. Along with the story you see the band performing the song. You can check it all out below.

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