Black Stone Cherry And Monster Truck Team Up and Form The Cherry Truck Band And Release A New Single ‘Love Become Law”!

  Black Stone Cherry And Monster Truck got together and decided to write song from scratch during the lockdown for Covid-19. From it they have now formed The Cherry Truck … Read More

S.R.R. News Briefs!

Alestorm single off of their recently released album “Curse Of The Crystal Coconut”. Check out Shit Boat (No Fans) below. Charlie Daniels has passed at the age of 83 from … Read More

Joe Bonamassa Releases Remastered, Remixed, Resung, Revamped Version Of Hs Cover Of Rory Gallaghers’s “Cradle Rock”!

  Joe Bonamassa is releasing a remastered and remixed version of his debut album “A New Day Yesterday” for his 20th anniversary, but calling it “A New Day Now”. I … Read More