Check Out The Conduit And Their Single “Declaration”!

The Conduit, a band based our of Los Angeles, CA and label themselves a progressive metal band. To help give you what they remind me of is a hybrid of Pink Floyd and Lamb Of God. A lethal combination for rock. They have the melodic and lyrical prose of Pink Floyd but the power and attitude of Lamb Of God and when you put that together you have something that I would consider pretty lethal. You can learn more abut the band from their Facebook page here. or their Twitter page here. The single Declaration is off the bands current album “Abraxas Shrine”. The song clocks in at eight minutes and twenty seconds. Now don’t let that scare you as you listen doesn’t feel that long. There is a lot of very cool things that happen in this song. Jeffrey Bobbin’s vocals take you on a wild ride and you can see his singing prowess on display. Musically the song has a lot of things to peak your interest listening to it.

There are moments of softness and then heavy power chords and trust me when I say its a song that you will immerse yourself in and take great joy in it. It is a musical journey is the best way I can describe it. Luca Canali’s drum playing really stand out to me, yes the music and especially the rhythm section and guitar work as a whole are worthy of your time but the drums really grabbed me from the beginning and continued to impress me with the intestate he plays them throughout the number. I’m actually surprised how melodic it really is, especially when you hear the deep gut singing. Lyrically I find the song to be a call to action anthem when you have a verse like this one;

“We now take the world by storm
Like a tidal wave
Sinking the past in the wake
Using obsolescence as a weapon
We’ll bury you”

Really sells it. You’re not anchored by your past, you’re moving forward with a take no prisoners attitude. It may be the type anthem you are looking for to keep you going. The video is just a stream of the song over the bands loo and song title. Check it out below.

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