Inglorious releases New Rocking New Single “She Won’t Let You Go”!

Inglorious has a new album coming out on February 12th, 2021 titled “We Will Ride”. The lead single is She Won’t Let You Go. This one is an uptempo fast paced groove with catchy hooks. This is just a great straight ahead rock and roll tune. The song has some cool build ups and a great chorus musically. It will definitely keep you attention. I have been waiting for some new material for this band for a while now. The band has changed its lineup once again, this time the band consists of original members vocalist Nathan James and drummer Phil Beaver. The new members are guitarists Danny Dela Cruz and Dan Stevens and bassist Vinnie Colla. I’m just glad they are putting out new music.

The video is shot and black and white and the band playing the song and obviously spotlighting the newest members of the band. You can see that they seem to be gelling well together. They bring a lot of energy to the performance side of things. James does write out some of the lyrics in a cool way. You can check it out below.

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