John 5 And The Creatures Release “Crank It-Living With Ghosts”!

John 5 And The Creatures have a new album coming out later this year called “Invasion”. No pre-order info available at this time. John 5’s latest single Crank It-Living With Ghosts is a two in one package. The first part of the song Crank it is about having a party and having a good time. The second part of it, Living With Ghosts is about coming down or crashing from it. A pretty cool way to present the two versions, the high and the low if you will. The music also reflects that. Again I admit that I am not into instrumental guitarists but John 5 has really made me change my ways as I like everything he has released from this record. The video is weird but does tell the story of the song. I will say to you that the video didn’t do much for me, but it does what it’s supposed to do. There are some good moments but enough for me. The music is much better. Check it out below.

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