Josh Christina Is Going To Take The Mantle From Elton John With New Single “Let’s Go Woke”!

  John Christina has a new single out Let’s Go Woke. The song is a mixture of Elton John, he’s the obvious influence. But you can throw In a little Jerry Lee Lewis and Billy Joel and you have Christina. He is the right guy to take over this realm of the music word. This is an uptempo and energetic song. You may feel nostalgic hearing this one, and that’s a good thing. The classic rock vibe seems to be coming back in a strong way lately. As long as its this type of caliber I won’t complain. The piano is the thing here, but don’t discount the rest of the band or even the guitar solo. All of which makes this track rock. Lyrically, I think he put a lot of thought into the song when you read the words to the chorus;

“Turn it up, turn it on, rock it like we bad to the bone.
Get on the floor, grind it loose, gotta put these two left feet to use.
If you need an education in the party scene,
Hey sweet thing you can dance with me.
This ain’t no joke, turn up, lets get woke!”

  You get the attitude and action, perfect for a song like this. If you want to learn more about him check out his website here. The video shows him playing with his band. I have to say you really get a sense of his style and personality. He looks like a fun performer and will make sure you have a good time. Check it out below.

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