Rockucation Question This Week of February 16th, 2020!

Last Week’s Rockucation Question:

This band has a working title “Married To Metal” for an album that they later changed. The reason for this working title was that three of the members were going through a divorce while recording it. They later named it what they felt more appropriate for the time. The band also decided to write shorter songs for this album because they felt their fans were bored with the longer ones they wrote on their previous album. DUringthe recording the band and the producer hated working with each other and promised not to work with each other ever again, but they did for three more albums. Name the album and band.


The Black album, Metallica.


No Winners

This week’s Rockucation question is:

Prince’s Little Red Corvette inspired this song by this artist. The story is that she was driving down the highway and heard it on the radio while driving with her then husband. They pulled over so she can write the song that was in her head. Later she called Prince to get his blessing and gave him partial writing credit as he loved it. When you play the two songs side by side you can hear the similarities. Who is the artist and the song?l

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