Roger Waters Releases “Us & Them” Live!

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) has a new live package coming out October 2nd titled “Roger Waters: Us & Them”. You can pre-order it here. Waters has released the title track of his new live release, but the song originally came out on the Pink Floyd album “Dark Side Of The Moon” in 1973. It was recorded in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2018,

Us & Them is an anti war song, more specifically Vietnam. Nothing to discuss about the song itself but just how great it sounds in this production. You know the song and you already have feelings about it. No point in discussing how great the song is etc. The video on the other is fantastic. I mean of course you miss David Gilmour and the rest but that side, this fantastic. Besides watching the performance, you get to see some pretty moving footage about war. I say well done Mr. Waters, well done. Check it out below.

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