Sammy Hagar & The Circle’s Release “Affirmation”!

Sammy Hagar & The Circle have a new album coming out on May 10th titled “Space Between”. You can pre-order it here. Their third single from the record is Affirmation. I like the riff in the song and Sammy Hagar’s vocals. It kind of reminds me of his Montrose days. I have to admit it just seems a little generic to me. I really wish he would get Chickenfoot back together and move forward. But I digress. The song has a some pretty cool lyrics. I think the following verse is something people could agree with;

“You got to unplug, laugh out loud, be right, pay attention
Touch things, make friends, love, don’t judge, believe
Don’t hate, don’t hate, don’t hate”

Outside of that this song is the same ole same ole. The video is just a stream of the song over the bands current photo. Check it out below.

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