Scott Stapp Releases New Single “World I Used To Know” And It’s Powerful!

Scott Stapp (Creed) has released a new single from his current solo album “The Space Between The Shadows”. You can buy a copy of it here. World I Used To Know is a great tune. Very heavy, better than I expected. This one should be played on the radio with no issue. According to Stapp, the song is a call to action to vote. Even though the song is over two years old, he felt it really resonates with what’s going on now especially with lyrics like the following;

“With the world I used to know
Change has come from every side only to divide
A soul sickness in the bones
What happened to, what happened to…
The world…”

I would agree to does kind of reflect the current state of politics. That aside, this is one hell of a track. I absolutely love it. Great power chords and riffs, Stapp’s vocals are spot on. What more could you as for? The video is a lyrical one that gives over political images like Uncle Sam. Check it out below.

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