Seeker Remastered “Thunder Advocate” Review!


Thunder Advocate

               Track List                                                                                        Band Members
1- Thunder Advocate                                                                                  Frankie D- Vocals
2- The Prophet                                                                                       John Coonan- Lead Guitar
3- Midnight Tide                                                                                   Sean Nelligan- Drums
4- Metal Rage                                                                                             James Pera- Bass
5- Feel The Thunder                                                                            Mick Michaels- Rhythm Guitar

        Produced By:                                                                        Album Art By:                                                
J. Golden & G. Shafer                                                              Diego Gedoz De Souza

  Seeker originally released this album back in 1989 and Heaven & Hell Records has decided to re-release and remaster it. The original album was produced by lead guitarist John Coonan. The package has a 16 page booklet some never before scene photos, lyrics and a band history from rhythm guitarist Mick Michaels. I, for one, am glad that they did. Nothing like listening to something to bring me back to my hair metal days. If you miss power chords, howling vocals, and a hard driving rhythm section, then look no more, this will satisfy you. The only thing I can find wrong with this record is that it only has five tracks, too short for me.

The opening song is the title track Thunder Advocate. The song opens with bells and you may think this was going to be a soft opening number but it’s far from it. It’s an energetic fast past track. I will say the highlight of this number is James Pera’s bass playing. It is phenomenal. Listen to the lines he plays, very melodic and drives the song. The Prophet is next and it hooked me right away. This is pure eighties metal to me. It’s a joy to listen to. Frankie D’s vocals on this one are reminiscent to me of Eric Adams of Manowar. The power he sings and wails with really let you know you have a voice to reckon with. But the song delivers one every level.

The band slows things down with Midnight Tide, a power ballad which was the rage back then. It’s nicely done. That aside, I don’t think it’s what the band is about. The next track is Metal Rage, I would say this one song would define who they are. The band really brought it on this one. I love everything about this song, it’s my favorite of the album. John Coonan stands out as a force to be reckoned with and backed by a strong rhythm section that really stands on its own. Mich Michaels power chords let Coonan solo take the song to another level. I’m sure you’re headbanging to this as you hear it. Overall, great tune.

The final track is Feel The Thunder. Now this is how you end a record. Everyone gets to show off on this track. Sean Nelligan’s drumming is the star in this. His fills and pounding resonated with me especially near the end of the song. This is a strong number that I feel would be a great audience participation song with the band.

As I stated earlier, the unfortunate thing is there are only five songs, but I am glad that the music resurfaced and is remastered. This was a tight band and I think underrated. If Judas Priest and Manowar had a child it would be Seeker. Now that’s a recipe for good metal and success if there ever was one. If you listen closely you can hear intricacies in their playing and I believe they should be recognized as one of the underground heros that carry the metal torch. I’m sure once you play through this record, it will grow on you and become one of your favorites. I’m sure you would add a couple of the tunes to your playlist.

Songs to check out Metal Rage and Feel The Thunder.

Below is a video of the band for the song The Prophet. Check it out below.

7 thoughts on “Seeker Remastered “Thunder Advocate” Review!


        1. Hey guys! My name is Kenny Hawkins, I played with Frank in the band Abraxis right after Seeker! My condolences to his family and friends! Someone let me know about funeral arraignments. says:

          RIP brother!

          1. Hi Kenny,

            I haven’t seen anything on his services, maybe the band’s website may have some info on it. I know he will be missed.



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