Shinedown Lifts Up With “Get Up”!

Shinedown has released a new song from their current album “Attention Attention”. The latest single Get Up is taking you on the high road through your most difficult times in your life and rising to the challenge of coming through on the right side of life. I think their lyrics sums it up best here;

“Yeah I don’t know why I never talked about it
I guess that’s probably part of the problem
Yeah sometimes you’re wrong, sometimes you’re right
Just gotta keep moving
Yeah, I’m just gonna keep moving
Today, tomorrow, gonna get
Get up, get up”

The song is part of what seems to be an ongoing campaign in rock to not take your life no matter how bad things are there is always a way out and you need to see it. I think its inspiring. Commendable even. The music on the other hand seems a bit poppy for me, but catchy nonetheless. The video does a good job portraying what they are saying with the perspective of the Get Up angle. Check it out below.

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