SIXTEENX20 Release “Scars Within”!

SIXTEENX20 has put out a new single from their soon to be and yet to be titled EP. Scars Within is the bands latest effort. This song is powerful yet melodic. Ed Lawrence’s vocals strong and filled with the intensity the song requires. There are some other highlights on the single that I really like beside the pudding rhythm section, for instance I love when the band sings “Left For Dead”. I just love that delivery, very cool. But the hidden gem in this song is Mike Harrop’s bass playing. It has such a groove that just blew me away on how it carries throughout the single. The song keeps getting better the more I play it, I keep finding things that I missed the first time. I won’t reveal everything as I wanton to dig in and discover the uniqueness of the song. I always enjoyed the bands lyrics like the following;

“A desperate heart follows an evil mind,
In search of truth you know there’s lies you’ll find,
Holding on to what you thought was real,
Never trust a thief you know they always steal”

I enjoy the fact they write thought provoking and meaningful lyrics. They have a lyric video for the song on their Facebook page and you can check that out here. You can also check out the audio version of it below.

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