Smash Into Pieces Release “Superstar In Me”. Are You Living Your Dream?!

Smash Into Pieces has released another single from their current album “Evolver”.The song Superstar In Me is a continuation story of their previous 2015 album “The Apocalypse DJ”. The story Apocalypse DJ, also known as the Red Personality, and group and its leader, follows his life from childhood to adult and the dream coming into fruition. He’s fueled by his super powers. The rest of the band has color personality’s as well. I’m thinking they are being Kiss like with the colors. But I digress, back to the song. The standout in this is the bass, outside of that, the song is just very commercial to me. The lyrics are all relatable. Check out the following verse;

“Remember thinking I would never change
Rebel forever, doing whatever that I wanted
Chasing dreams like nothing was impossible
Living with no fear, seeing it all clear
Now look what I’ve become, yeah”

I think everyone experienced those words. The video does a great job showing that you can keep your dreams and get to the top. Well done by the band. Check it out below.

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