Soldiers Of Solace Release “Naked Truth” And It’s So Good!

Soldiers Of Solace has released a new single from their current album “We Are Immortal”. Naked Truth is a heavy and hard hitting single, just the way I like them. This band is very passionate in everything that they do and you can hear it in their music. This one is no exception. This song to me is as good as it gets, I dare you to find something wrong with it. Jason Longo’s vocals command your attention and keep it. The rest of the band does and outstanding job delivering the music to fit Longo’s story telling. I can do a piece on each members contributions to this number, yes it’s that good. But I would be remiss not to mention Jeff Fahy’s guitar solo. It is outstanding, it’s that simple. You should also pay attention to the lyrics, they really tell the story about being honest and truthful to who you are. Like the following;

“What if love was just a concept and hate was just a word,
And all you deepest feelings could finally be heard?
What if all of the religions, creeds, colors, and the races,
Tore off all their masks and showed their real faces?

I want to know what’s deep inside you; I’d walk through Hell with your hand in mine.
Don’t hold back, take off your mask, the truth will stand the test of time.”

Pretty impactful stuff right there. No need to hide to hide behind a mask. Be who you are and let the chips fall where they may. The video shows the band performing the song and I think watching it even enhances the lyrics and the sing that much more. You can also feel the energy that they bring to it. Overall, this should be on your playlist. Check it out below.

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