Stryper Releases Powerful New Single “Blood From Above”!

  Stryper has released a new single from their forthcoming album “Even The Devil Believes”. Due out on September 4th, you can pre-order it here. Blood From Above is a throwback in the bands sound and has great riffs and vocals. I’m amazed that Michael Sweet can still sing like he does. The song is as good as it gets for Stryper. If you ever doubted this is a Christian metal band, then doubt no more. Read the following lyrics from the chorus;

“He’s a holy human sacrifice
Nailed upon a cross
A righteous murder scene of love
Flowing down grace
In The Blood From Above”

  I don’t think Jesus Christ could have written it any better. This pretty much removes any thoughts that they were anything but a Christian band. Furthermore when you watch the lyric video it proves the point. Check it out below.

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