The Black Keys Go Back In Time With “Sit Around And Miss You”!

The Black Keys have just released an album today called “Let’s Rock”. Their new single from it is Sit Around And Miss You. This one is definitely vintage easy 1970’s style. You may even hear Stealers Wheel’s Stuck In The Middle With You. Now that I’ve said that you are probably hating me for it. Anyway, when you see the title of the album, this really doesn’t fit that. It’s more of a softer style in the vein of Bread. Now that’s not to say don’t like it because I do. It’s just not a rocker. The video is quite funny as it the two of them in 1960’s era flower child theme that they have been using in their promos for the record release. You can see them dancing and being heady. Check it all out below.

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