The Conduit To Release A New Record “Radek”!

The Conduit


     Track List                                                                     Band Members

1- Radek                                                                                Jeffrey Bobbin- Vocals

2- Parasyte                                                                                Luca Canali- Drum

                                            Tony Stanton- Bass

                                           Doug Weiand- Guitar

    Produced By:                                                  Band Website:

Jeffrey Bobbin                                            

  The Conduit are a Los Angeles, CA based band.Their new album to be released on May 26th. Unfortunately, there is no pre-order at this time. You can check out the group’s Bandcamp page here. or their Facebook page here. Their music is labeled as Progressive Metal. The way I would describe the music is a very heavy version of Queensryche. It’s the only way I can think of to describe their music and still not sure if I am doing it any justice. This four piece has such a full sound and thought provoking lyrics that it takes you by surprise. It’s very refreshing and uniquely different. I’ll tell you this, for a two song record you get one hell of a journey for your ears.

The first song and title track is Radek. This song shows you the diversity and power of Jeffrey Bobbin’s vocal ability. He goes from a harmonic and softful approach to an angry emotional outburst from deep in the gut, just wow. I’m not sure how he will pull that off every night but that is some impressive singing. The other musical aspect I love is Luca Canali’s drumming. He makes the song for me, you can feel the emotion through his playing. He’s riding the emotions of Bobbin’s singing and that is a perfect marriage. You can’t dismiss how well they heighten each other. It’s impactful. Lyrically they get pretty deep. When you read them and then hear them you get they are serious such as this verse;

“You’ll see no plea behind these eyes
I truly don’t give a fuck
Whether I live or die
My legacy remains
Dead or alive”

  I think the message is quite clear as is the attitude. This is a person who is done and is going to fight back no matter the cost. I wouldn’t mess with them. The song overall is dynamic and heavy that gives your ears a ride.

  Parasyte is the second track and the closer for the record. This song is quite the opposite of the first one. It’s more of a soft approach and a bit heady. When you check out some of the lines in the song you will get what I mean;

“Endless angles
The stars above breath
Meaningless dreams”

  I think you see what I mean when I say “heady”. The track itself is something of a technical wonder for a song. Bobbin’s singing blends in with the music as if it’s an instrument not just a vocal. I thought that was rather cool. It’s evocative and melodic. The issue here is before you know it, it’s over. It does leave you wanting more, I’m not sure if that was by design or not, but if it was , it was pretty ingenious.

I usually have a song from the album for you to hear but there isn’t one released yet from the record. I will tell you to check out the Bandcamp page for past material. Below is a picture of the band.

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