The Darkness Release “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die”! Do You Think It Should?

The Darkness has a new album coming out on October 4th titled “Easter Is Cancelled”. You can pre-order it here. Rock And Roll Deserves To Die is the latest from the record. It does make you think about it since it seems so many rock stars have seem to say the rock is dead more often than not. But I think the band takes the approach that the way rock is now that it should be killed and reborn. At least that’s my take from it. Musically, the song is good as any music this band does but the stand out is Justin Hawkins vocals. He does a great job. I’m not usually a fan of his vocals as they sometimes leave me with little to desire to listen. But every now and ten he does something that I enjoy and can tolerate. This is one of those songs. The video does a great job explaining why they think rock deserves to die and if you atcha all the way through you can see where I get my rock is reborn thoughts. In any case you will enjoy the video, as it is a fun watch. Check it out below.

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