The Dollyrots Release A Cover From 1972 “Alone Again (Naturally)”!

The Dollyrots Release A Cover From 1972 “Alone Again (Naturally)”!

The Dollyrots are releasing a limited edition 7 inch pink vinyl single. You can get a copy here. The song is their take on Gilbert O’Sullivan’s 1972 Alone Again (Naturally). I find it interesting that they chose this song. Many in the past have consider this one of the most depressing songs ever released. Regardless of that, the band made it their own and made it punk like.

In their own way,  their version of it sounds uplifting musically, for such a down situation. As always their music is something I enjoy, you might even say a guilty pleasure of mine. I like the idea of them taking a fifty year old song and making it new. We don’t get a video of it but just stream of the song. Check it out below.


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