The Doors Release Various Takes and Candid Moments of “Queen Of The Highway” It’s Just Brilliant!

The Doors will be releasing their 50th anniversary of “Morrison Hotel” from 1970. Due out October 9th. You will get all the stuff that you would expect which is a good thing. You can pre-order it here. Queen Of The Highway is a preview of what to expect from the reissue. The song was about Jim Morrison’s girl friend at the time Pamela Courson. What I love about this release is you get what it was like to be in the studio with the band and producer Paul A. Rothchild. Morrison also gives some vocal theatrics too.

The behind the scene moments especially make this great. You get 6:23 of bliss. 50 years later and you get this new material, now that’s what I call fantastic. There is no video but a stream of the song over the cover. The only thing that would have made this epic would have been footage from the studio. But alas we can’t have it all. Check it out below.

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