The Empty Hearts Release New Single With Their Global View “The World’s Gone Insane”!

The Empty Hearts have a new album coming out on August 28th titled “The Second Album”. You can pre-order it here. The World’s Gone Insane is the new single. It’s the band’s perspective on what’s happening in the society from a global view. The opening verse sets it up for you;

“You see it everywhere you go,
It’s on the street and on your radio,
Is it real or is it fake,
All that news,
Is just too much to take”

A pretty good summation of everything going on and it only gets better from there, lyrically. The music uptempo and catchy. The highlight is Elliot Easton’s guitar solo, damn it’s good. The video is impressive. it takes everything going on and ties it to the lyrics. But it takes some things from the past and to the most recent events. I think you will appreciate the work they did here. Check it out below.

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