The Everyday Losers Treat Us With “The Calm And Collected”!

The Everyday Losers have released a new single for their soon to be released album “Mono No Aware”. They are doing a campaign for its release. You can check it out here. Their new single The Calm And Collected will be on your playlist in short order. They have kind of a Seether vibe about them. Ironically, the song has nothing to do with being calm musically. It’s hard and fast, with a great riff. You will be tasing your fists or nodding your head with this one. The video is a well done western setting for the song, almost like a mini movie. I love how they intertwined the band in the setting of the western. I won’t spoil the video, but is good. The one unfortunate thing is you need Facebook to see the video. If you don’t have Facebook, this is one reason you should just to see the video. Check it out here.

**Click HD**"The Calm and Collected" from our upcoming album "Mono No Aware."The single will be available soon but for now enjoy this new video by 410 Productions

Posted by The Everyday Losers on Thursday, November 29, 2018

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