The Rare Birds Release New Single “Gold-Plated People”. Making A Vintage Rock and Blues Sound New Again!

The Rare Birds have released a new single from their just released self titled debut album. If you haven’t heard about this band from Atlanta, Ga, then consider yourself lucky that I brought them to attention. You can follow them and all their goings on  their Facebook page here. Gold-Plated People is blues rock with a soul sound. The band is making retro music very cool again. From the minute you hear the first notes you get the feeling that you entered a time machine and landed somewhere between 1969 and 1975. Now that’s how good they are as its recorded today.

The thing you need to really pay attention to his guitarist Andrew Cylar’s guitar work. It’s refreshing and smooth. I don’t want to take anything away from the rhythm section because they are outstanding and I love the vibe they throw out and how they compliment Cylar’s playing. That is just magical. Brandon Neal’s vocals are flawless in delivering the lyrics. I truly like his delivery of the following verse;

“Said Between Me And You,
We Gotta A Dent Or Two,
Yeah, But Baby You Solid Gold,
Straight Down Through”

   Neal’s singing keeps your interest and makes your ears smile. I don’t see how you can dislike this track. It hits you in all the right places. The lyric video shows the band performing the song. My favorite kind, but you can see the energy they bring to the song and show. Check it out below.

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