The Rolling Stones Release “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” In An Epic Performance!

The Rolling Stones are releasing a new live album and film titled “Bridges To Buenos”, it comes out tomorrow. Jumpin’ Jack Flash is the latest from it and let me say it is something to behold. This is a top notch performance. Keith Richards jamming his licks is just inspiring. Mick Jagger  playing with the audience the way he does, makes for a showmanship. I have forgotten how good of a frontman he really is. Let’s not forget how good the sound is, especially the clarity it has. It’s almost like it was released today that’s how fresh it sounds. The extended version of this song goes over really well. The video is just evidence that these guys still have it and great performers. When you watch it, it’s mesmerizing as the band just feeds off the audience and them from the band. Check it out below.

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