The Rolling Stones Release “Scarlet” Featuring Jimmy Page!

  The Rolling Stones will releasing a reissue of their 1973 “Goats Head Soup”. They are calling it “Goats Head Soup 2020”. Due out September 4th, you can pre-order it here. Scarlett is the latest unreleased track from up and coming rerelease. The song features Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Rick Gerch (Blind Faith/Traffic). I admit I love these unreleased singles because it was captured at the time of the making of the record. You can tell the minute you start listening to this one that its a classic. From the tone and sound certainly take you back to that era. But how cool is it that you have Page and Gerch on one of the bands tracks. Only The Rolling Stones would wait this long to release it.

  The Rolling Stones give you everything you would want in a track by them and as bonus you get Page and  Gerch. I find no fault in this song. I truly enjoy these releases. The video is lyric video and it’s done a really cool way. The lyrics are written over the master tapes and what it would like back in the day on those said master tapes. You can check it out below.

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