The Struts Release New Single “Wild Child” Featuring Tom Morello And Its Killer!

The Struts have just released a new album “Strange Days”. You can purchase the album here. The band has put out another single off of their record, Wild Child that features Tom Morello (Range Against The Machine, Audioslave). This is a damn fine tune. In fact it’s a great one. You definitely can hear Morello’s imprint on it. But more than anything I love that attitude and heaviness of the song. Listen to the first verse and you know exactly what I’m talking about;

“Yeah I’m pleasure and I’m worth the pain
Just like thunder always follows rain
Peel you out in fire, smoke and wheels
I’ll be your hero from the movie reels
With my style that’s instant classic
That looks fast and magic
Well you wanna a chase and that’s alright
I’m coming fully loaded and you’re in my sights tonight”

There are some great lines in this and attitude. Combine the words, the music and Luke Spiller’s singing and you have a soon to be classic. this is truly eargasmic. There isn’t a video just a stream of the song. Check it out below.

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