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The Who Release “All This Music Must Fade” Proving That They Can Still Write Relevant Music!

The Who has a new album coming out on December 6th titled “WHO”. You can pre-order it here. The second single is All This Music Must Fade is much more impressive than the first. For one thing Roger Daltrey’s vocals are outstanding on this one. Despite the following lyrics from the song;

“I don’t care
I know you’re gonna hate this song
And that’s it
We never really got along
It’s not new, not diverse
It won’t light up your parade
It’s just simple verse”

It’s fresh and kicks ass, pure and simple. It has the angst and the attitude The Who has always had. Those of you who don’t think legacy bands shouldn’t put out anything new because they are done, have just been proven how wrong you are. Pete Townsend’s harmonies and guitar playing are right on the money. If you are a Who fan you shouldn’t be disappointed. There is no video. You can stream this rocking tune below.

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