The Who Release New Music With Single “Ball And Chain”!

The Who has a new album coming out on November 22nd titled “Who”. You an pre-order it here. This is their first album in 13 years since 2006’s “Endless Wire”. Ball And Chain apparently is a remake of Peter Townsend song called Big Cigars. Ball And Chain though new is definitely true to the classic sound of  The Who. I believe it would have fit in with the band’s “It’s Hard” album or that era. It does remind me of Eminence Front. That aside, Townsend can still lay and the solo sounds great. Roger Daltrey seems to still have his singing chops. They may be older but they still have it. Overall, the song is a good tune but nothing that you wouldn’t expect from the band. The video shows different political and celebrity images as well as the group. Seems like the band is making a statement about the current climate of the world of politics. Check it out below.

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