Tom Petty Releases A New Single “Leave Virginia Alone”. A Unreleased Treasure!

Tom Petty has a new box set from his 1994 album and now reissue titled “Wildflowers & All The Rest”. Due out October 16, you can pre-order it here. Leave Virginia Alone is a unreleased track from the recording sessions. Not sure wy this wasn’t on the album then, but it should have been. My understanding is that he wanted make a double album at the time but the label said no. That is disappointing. But we got the track and others now so we can still enjoy it. You get to appreciate his writing the you see verses like this;

“You should’ve seen her back in the city
Poetry and jewels, broke all the rules
She was as high as a Georgia pine tree
Makeup and pills, overdue bills”

He was an incredible story teller. I’m glad we are reminded of that with this release. I enjoyed the guitar solo. it seemed a bit of a change in his usual playing. Make sure you check it out. The video is done in black and white and a girl who portrays Virginia. Enjoy it, check it out below,

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