Trawl Debuts It’s First Single “Carcharodon”! Start Circling Your Friends, This One Is Worth The Swim!

Trawl is a band out of Portland, Maine. This four piece band deems their style of music as Funk Metal. No matter what you call it, it kicks ass. No word on a when the new album is out, but this single should make you want to check that out when it does arrive. You can follow and learn more about the band here. Their debut single Carcharodon is an excellent way showcase the band to the world. The band is;

Sean Matthews – Vocals
Seth McClellan – Bass
Tom Michaud – Guitars
Gary Marston – Drums

I can see this song replacing a remake of Jaws or anything shark related. The song has a nice build up to it and the lyrics really tell a story and gives you a great visual of a shark ready to bite. I can’t say enough about how good every aspect of this track is. I won’t spoil your first listen. But I can’t promise I will hold back on future releases. This band gets it and should be on your playlist and ones to watch list.  Check it Carcharodon below.

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