Weezer Release “High As A Kite” And Takes You To Mister Rivers Neighborhood!

Weezer has a new album coming out on March 1st titled “The Black Album”. You can pre-order it here. Their new single is High As A Kite and it takes you on a nostalgic ride. The song is pretty deep and it seems about going through the motions for everyone to be happy but yourself, until you decide to put yourself first. Check out the lyrics;

“I feel no pain I feel no pleasure
I only want to disappear
So let me play this game for children
And vanish in to the atmosphere”

I’m sure we all felt that way or similar at one time or another. The video is what makes the song in this case. Classic Weezer utilizing old shows to tell a tale. In this case its Mister Rogers theme. The band welcomes you to Mister Rivers Neighborhood. You can go down memory lane for a bit until it goes from happy to River Cuomo’s dark side. In any event you can appreciate the thought behind the video with the song. Check it out below.

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