Whitesnake Has Releases “Always & Forever” For Valentine’s Day!

Whitesnake has released a new single from their current album “Flesh & Blood”. The band is releasing a special Valentine’s Day single Always & Forever. There is a limited edition (1000 of them) 12 inch single available tomorrow February 14th. You can order it here. It’s an appropriate song for your love, but it’s not a power ballad but a low key rocking tune. Standard fare for the band. But if you’re looking for inspiration for your significant other, these words may help you;

“This ain’t no summer love to get me through the winter
You melt my frozen heart with your irresistible smile
Ooh, baby you got me going crazy
Just to be with you I’d walk a million miles”

There is no video but a stream of the single. You can listen to it below.

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