Wolfgang Van Halen Releases Tribute Single For His Late Father With The Song “The Distance” An Incredible Showing Of Love!

Wolfgang Van Halen has released a new single from his yet to be determined arrival of his solo album. He had put it on hold to deal with his father Eddie Van Halen’s ailing condition. This song The Distance is dedicated to his father. You can sense the deep love he had for him, especially when you read the lyrics opening verse;

I’m so happy
You’ve found a place
That’s better for you
Than this rock we’re living on
I’m so nervous
Don’t know my place
A life without you
I’m not ready to move on”

Now you can’t get any better than that in defining what a loved ones death means to you. He took on the name Mammoth WVH. Mammoth paying homage to the original name of Van Halen before they changed it.

Musically it is a well done song for the purpose that it serves. The very cool thing that takes it too another level is the Wolf played every instrument and sang on this song. It sounds like a full band, but it’s all him. This is a song that you just sit back and listen, be humbled by the love shared here and take inventory about what your loved ones mean to you. The video is home films from him as a child through current day playing in Van Halen. All showing his time with Eddie. The end phone message will pull on your heart strings….. All proceeds of the song go towards Eddie’s favorite charity Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. Check out the song below.

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